Prosciutto di San Daniele
San Daniele C/Osso Selezione Black 18 Mesi - 10013 - 10014
Product Characteristics
EAN code -
Family San Daniele
Shelf life 300
Shelf life on delivery -
average weigh (kg) 9,5/10,5 - 10.5+
Primary packaging
Packaging dimensions -
Pieces per case 2
Secondary packaging
Case size 391x751x164
Cases per layer 3
Layers per Pallet 10
Cases per Pallet 30

Only the most highly prized legs from the best pig farms, which meet high quality standards, are used for the 16 month San Daniele Prosciutteria Selezione Black. San Daniele Prosciutteria ham is renowned for its balance of sweetness and fragrance, characteristics that make this product unique.