Prosciutto Veneto
Veneto Berico Eug. Disossato Addobbo Selezione Black 16 Mesi - 10977
Product Characteristics
EAN code -
Family Veneto Berico Euganeo
Shelf life 180
Shelf life on delivery -
average weigh (kg) 7,5/8,5
Primary packaging
Packaging dimensions -
Pieces per case 2
Secondary packaging
Case size 390x580x180
Cases per layer 4
Layers per Pallet 9
Cases per Pallet 36
The 16 month Veneto Berico Prosciutteria ham is top of the Parma range. Thanks to its long ageing process, it is renowned for its prolonged, perfumed aroma and its sweet and delicate taste. The Addobbo version allows you to obtain rounded slices that recall the anatomical shape of the pig's leg.