Rebello Sottovuoto Selezione Black 14 Mesi - 12961
Product Characteristics
EAN code -
Family Specialità
Shelf life 180
Shelf life on delivery -
average weigh (kg) 5,3/6,3
Primary packaging
Packaging dimensions -
Pieces per case 2
Secondary packaging
Case size 392x568x162
Cases per layer 4
Layers per Pallet 10
Cases per Pallet 40
With a sweet taste and delicate aroma, the Prosciutteria Rebello is only obtained from select legs of Italian pork trimmed into their characteristic raindrop shape. It takes at least 14 months for the Prosciutteria Rebello, Kings' precious and tender masterpiece, to be ready to eat. When sliced it is tender and has a uniform red colour, with a balanced layer of fat. Its flavour is sweet and delicate, with aromatic hints.