Snocciolato Selezione Black Intero Senz'Osso - Stuccato - 12611
Product Characteristics
EAN code -
Family Specialità
Shelf life 180
Shelf life on delivery -
average weigh (kg) 6+
Primary packaging
Packaging dimensions -
Pieces per case 2
Secondary packaging
Case size 392x568x162
Cases per layer 4
Layers per Pallet 10
Cases per Pallet 40
Kings' art of ham production led to an innovative product that meets the most demanding modern requirements. The Prosciutteria Snocciolato is boned, tender, has the perfect ratio of fat to lean meat, and is covered in a layer of 'stucco', which as well as having an aesthetic function also protects the product, ensuring it does not dry out too much. With its rounded, raindrop shape, it is a product with consistent characteristics and an extremely high yield when sliced.