Val Liona Dolce Selezione Black Intero - Sottovuoto - 12511
Product Characteristics
EAN code -
Family Specialità
Shelf life 180
Shelf life on delivery -
average weigh (kg) 5,7/6,5
Primary packaging
Packaging dimensions -
Pieces per case 2
Secondary packaging
Case size 395x571x136
Cases per layer 4
Layers per Pallet 10
Cases per Pallet 40
The Val Liona is produced in the heart of the Liona Valley in the Berici Hills. It stems from an ancient recipe passed down through the generations, using exclusively legs of pork with the right proportions of lean meat to fat. These are de-boned, and their flavour and fragrance are enhanced with a blend of sea salt and natural seasoning. The valley's clean air and microclimate give the aged Val Liona ham a sweet and unmistakable aroma. The Prosciutteria Val Liona is a select King's product reserved for the very best delicatessens.